Wanna start it back
Friday, 9 December 2016, ϟ 0 shout(s)

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Hey... Long time no see since i decided to stop blogging but then now i think i really need my blog back because i wanna share something and wanna express all my feelings. So i made some changes by changing the template and also tryin not using blue background again. It was like my 'comeback' with new environment hahaha i think so and i chnaged the gurly before into something very simple well just hope that i will not change into blue background again haha. But my 'comeback' is without any 'emoji' as i already delete the site that i used to use the 'emoji' before so yeah, it quite 'pale' haha.

So this i already in semester 4 which is my last semester before going to practical. Honestly quite sad as i will separate with my housemate and classmate after this and maybe this is our last chance to meet each other because we maybe will not meet each other after finishing semester 6 . So let's happy and create as much memory as we can. k lah dan penat nak tulis english dahla grammar pun kelaut hahaha. Rasa macam gembira jugak la bila dah start menaip balik ni. So nanti happy ke sedih ke stress ke boleh la lepak sini macam biasa. 

Okey esok kalau sempat aku singgah lagi sebab esok ada trip pergi pineng ni dan baju pun tak gosok lagi. So till we meet again bye bye

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